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Crowns, Bridges and Veneers Gordon

Crowns, bridges, and veneers are dental procedures designed to repair damaged teeth or enhance their visual appearance.

A general dentist or a specialised prosthodontist can perform these procedures.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown, or cap, serves as a restorative covering for a tooth or attaches to a dental implant. It not only restores the appearance, shape, and size of decayed or broken teeth but also provides strength, akin to a helmet protecting your head.

Modern crowns, especially those made from high-tech porcelains, closely mimic natural teeth and can even enhance the tooth’s original appearance. Different materials, including cast gold, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, and all-porcelain crowns with zirconia, offer various qualities to meet specific needs.

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Why you need a Dental Crown

Consider a dental crown if you:

  • Have discoloured or worn teeth: A crown can restore your teeth’ colour and strength.
  • Need to replace a large filling: Crowns protect weakened teeth and prevent the risk of fractures.
  • Have undergone root canal treatment: Crowning a root canal-treated tooth prevents breakage and preserves aesthetics.

Fissure Seals

Like white fillings, fissure seals are made of a see-through composite resin, helping prevent cavities by keeping plaque-causing microorganisms away. These are commonly applied to the fissures, grooves, and pits of rear molars, areas prone to cavities.

The procedure, performed by your dentist, dental hygienist, or oral health therapist, is recommended for those at a high risk of dental caries due to factors like poor plaque control, oral hygiene, enamel defects, or deep pits and fissures.

During the application procedure

The dental crown procedure typically spans two appointments:

First Visit:


Tooth Preparation

Your dentist readies your tooth by removing some natural enamel to make room for the crown. This ensures a secure fit and a strong foundation.

Dental Impressions

Impressions of your teeth are taken, either physically with a putty-like material or digitally with a handheld scanner. These impressions guide the creation of your custom dental crown at a dental lab.


Temporary Crown

While waiting for the final crown (which may take two to three weeks), your dentist places a temporary crown made of resin or acrylic.

Second Visit:


Temporary Crown Removal

Once your final crown is ready, your dentist removes the temporary one.


Crown Evaluation

Your dentist assesses the new crown’s shape, colour, and fit.


Permanent Crown Placement

Using strong dental cement, your dentist bonds the new crown to your tooth, completing the procedure.

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Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a ceramic structure that bridges the gap caused by missing teeth. It consists of a ceramic tooth bonded between two or more porcelain crowns as anchors.

The abutment teeth, shaped to accommodate the crowns, provide stability for the bridge.

Bridges can be made from various materials, such as gold, alloys, or porcelain, making them an ideal option for those wishing to avoid dentures to replace missing teeth.

The Bridge Procedure

Z Assessment and Preparation

If you have healthy teeth flanking a missing tooth (or teeth), your dentist may file down these healthy teeth to prepare for the bridge. In cases where there aren’t suitable healthy teeth or insufficient teeth for support, dental implants may be surgically placed. These implants, acting as artificial roots made of titanium, provide a secure anchor for the bridge.

Z Model Creation

Your dentist takes impressions (moulds) of your teeth to create a model. This model serves as a blueprint for crafting the artificial tooth (or teeth) and two crowns as a single piece, forming what is known as a bridge.

Z Temporary Bridge Placement

While the custom bridge is being created, a temporary bridge is placed in your mouth during the interim period. This temporary bridge safeguards the exposed teeth and gums.

Z Final Bridge Placement

On your subsequent visit, the temporary bridge is removed, and the custom-made bridge is securely placed in your mouth. The crowns are either cemented onto your two healthy teeth or attached to the dental implants on the sides of the tooth (or teeth) that are missing. This final step completes the bridge procedure, restoring both functionality and aesthetics to your smile.

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Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin pieces of tooth-coloured composite resin or porcelain bonded to the front surface of natural teeth. Similar to crowns, they cover a tooth’s front, visible surface.

Veneers effectively disguise various aesthetic and physical issues, including discolouration, chips, slight misalignment, and small gaps between teeth.

While composite resin veneers offer a more budget-friendly option, porcelain veneers, manufactured in a dental lab, provide resilience and do not stain or discolour over time.

Veneers Placement Process

Z Consultation

The veneer placement typically involves one to three dental visits. In the initial consultation, you and your dentist discuss your desired results, assess the suitability of veneers, and plan the treatment. X-rays and impressions may be taken during this phase.

Z Preparation

For a porcelain veneer, your dentist trims about half a millimetre of enamel from the tooth’s surface, making room for the veneer.

A model of your tooth is created and sent to a dental lab, which constructs the veneer. This process takes 2-4 weeks. Temporary veneers may be placed if needed.

Z Bonding

Before permanent cementation, your dentist places the veneer temporarily to ensure proper fit and colour.

Adjustments are made, and your tooth is cleaned and etched for strong bonding. The veneer is then applied with special cement and hardened using a light beam.

Excess cement is removed, your bite is evaluated, and final adjustments are made. You may need to come back for another visit to assess gum response and veneer placement in a few weeks.

Your Gordon dentist will discuss these options to determine the most suitable choice for your situation.

Crowns, Bridges and Veneers in Gordon

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How long do dental crowns, bridges, and veneers last?

Dental crowns, bridges, and veneers can last many years with proper care and maintenance. Regular dental check-ups are essential for monitoring their condition.

How often should I have dental fillings checked?

Regular dental check-ups, usually once a year, are recommended to monitor the condition of existing dental fillings and address any potential issues.