Invisalign in Gordon, NSW

Transforming Smiles, Invisibly

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Invisalign Gordon

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment designed to address irregular bites and teeth misalignments. This discreet and comfortable method utilises nearly invisible aligners that can be easily removed.

Benefits of Invisalign

Clear and Invisible

Straighten your teeth without anyone knowing with the transparent Invisalign aligners.

Removable Convenience

Unlike braces, enjoy the freedom to eat and drink what you want, maintaining regular oral hygiene.

Comfortable Journey

No metal brackets or wires mean less irritation, fewer adjustments, and a more comfortable experience.

Virtual Treatment

See your smile’s transformation before starting the treatment, offering a glimpse into the outcome.

Invisalign Process

invisalign process gordon

Begin with a visit to your dentist for an initial discussion about Invisalign and to determine if it’s a suitable option for you.

Impressions or Digital Scans

Your Gordon dentist will take impressions of your teeth or digital scans to create a detailed 3D image of your oral structure.

Treatment Plan

Based on these impressions or scans, a personalised treatment plan is crafted. You’ll get a visual preview of how your teeth will gradually move during each stage.

Aligner Creation

Custom-made, clear aligners are created specifically for your treatment. These aligners are designed to guide your teeth into the desired position over time gently.

Wearing the Aligners

Once your aligners are ready, you’ll wear each set for about 1-2 weeks, following the treatment plan provided by your dentist.

Regular Check-ups

Periodic check-ups are scheduled with your dentist to track your treatment progress. New sets of aligners are given as your teeth shift to the next stage.


After completing the treatment, your dentist might recommend retainers to help maintain the achieved results over time.

Is Invisalign Right for You?

Most likely! Many individuals shy away from traditional braces due to concerns about their appearance, inadvertently giving up the essential dental alignment they need.

Invisalign presents a solution that addresses the visibility issue associated with traditional braces while delivering the same impactful results in dental alignment.

Experience the freedom of achieving straighter teeth without visible braces – Invisalign makes it possible!

Living with Invisalign


Wearing the Aligners

Aligners are worn for one to two weeks per set, with periodic check-ups every 6-8 weeks to monitor progress.


Comfort During Transitions

Upon transitioning to new aligners, slight pressure or discomfort may be experienced initially, a normal part of the adjustment process.

at-home aligner care gordon

At-Home Aligner Care


Nightly Cleaning

Aligners should be washed nightly and gently brushed with a toothbrush to maintain freshness.


Pre-Wearing Preparation

Clean aligners thoroughly before wearing and upon removal. Soaking in denture cleaner or official Invisalign cleaning crystals is recommended.


Preventive Oral Hygiene

Brush and floss your teeth before inserting aligners for optimal oral health.

Invisalign in Gordon

If you want a straighter smile without the trouble of traditional braces, Invisalign offers a discrete and efficient option. Plan your Invisalign consultation today to take the first step toward a confident and gorgeous smile!

At Northern Dental Gordon, we’re not just about treating teeth; we’re here to make your dental experience comfortable and keep your oral health for years.

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Is Invisalign painful?

While there may be some initial discomfort or pressure when you start a new set of aligners, it’s generally less painful than traditional braces. Any discomfort is temporary and usually subsides within a few days.

How often should I wear my Invisalign aligners?

For the best results, wearing your Invisalign aligners for at least 22 hours per day is recommended. Meals, drinks, brushing, and flossing are the only times they should be removed.