Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Gordon, NSW

Removal of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth extraction gordon

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Gordon

A wisdom teeth extraction is a surgical technique to remove one or more of the four permanent teeth (upper and lower) at the back of your mouth.

An emergency dentist or oral surgeon will probably need to extract your wisdom tooth if it is impacted and causing you pain, infection, or other dental issues.

Common Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Numerous individuals encounter challenges with their wisdom teeth, whether partially or fully erupted.

Extraction becomes necessary when a wisdom tooth is impacted, and several reasons may warrant this procedure:

  1. Impacted Position: When the wisdom tooth does not emerge correctly.
  2. Incorrect Angle of Growth: If the tooth grows at an improper angle.
  3. Gum Infections: Extraction may be recommended when wisdom teeth lead to gum infections.
  4. Entrapment in the Jawbone: Wisdom teeth trapped within the jawbone may require removal.
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Potential Complications

Neglecting an impacted wisdom tooth can give rise to the following complications:


Severe pain


Difficulty in biting


Gum infection and swelling


Damage to the surrounding tooth tissue


Formation of cysts around the wisdom tooth

When to Schedule a Dental Appointment

If you’re enduring intense pain due to wisdom teeth, scheduling an appointment with your dentist is advisable. During the examination, your teeth will be assessed, and if necessary, your dentist will advise on the potential need for extraction.

In cases where wisdom teeth extraction is a consideration, your dentist may conduct an X-ray of your mouth. This diagnostic procedure enhances the clarity of your teeth’s positioning.

For any dental concern, prompt attention is crucial. See your dentist promptly rather than postponing until your next routine check-up is recommended.

Procedure for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Typically necessary for young adults, especially those under the age of 25, wisdom teeth extraction becomes advisable when swelling occurs. Your dentist is likely to recommend extraction at this stage.

During the wisdom teeth extraction procedure, whether performed by your dentist or an oral surgeon, the following steps are undertaken:

procedure for wisdom teeth extraction gordon
  1. Incise through the gums to expose the tooth and underlying bone.
  2. Remove any bone fragments obstructing access to the tooth root.
  3. If deemed more practical, divide the tooth into smaller sections for extraction.
  4. Extract the tooth.
  5. Thoroughly clean the extraction site, removing debris from the tooth or bone.
  6. Stitch the wound to facilitate proper healing.
  7. Apply gauze to the area to promote blood clotting and control bleeding.

Post-Surgery Care

Patients undergoing wisdom teeth extraction typically experience a smooth recovery within a week, barring any complications. The recovery duration is influenced by factors such as the procedure’s complexity, the type of anaesthesia administered, dietary choices, and preventive measures.

In the initial three days post-extraction, it’s advisable to maintain an elevated head position, ensuring it remains above the level of your heart. Recognising that the treated area is a healing wound in your jaw is essential. Use pillows to elevate your head and support a conducive recovery environment when lying down.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Gordon

Uncover a swift and effortless method to have your wisdom teeth removed, allowing you to resume your routine swiftly.

Enduring the discomfort of painful wisdom teeth is unnecessary. Beyond the pain, they can adversely affect your oral health and appearance.

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Are there risks or complications associated with wisdom teeth extraction?

While complications are rare, potential risks include infection, dry socket, nerve damage, or prolonged swelling. Following post-operative care instructions minimises these risks.

Can I return to work or school immediately after the procedure?

It’s recommended to take a day or two off to allow for initial recovery. The ability to return to normal activities depends on individual healing and the nature of the work or school commitments.