Digital X-ray, Intraoral Camera, Nitrous Gas, Laser in Gordon, NSW

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digital x-ray intraoral camera nitrous gas laser gordon

Digital X-ray

Digital X-rays are an advanced imaging technology in dentistry. Unlike traditional X-rays that use film, digital X-rays capture images through electronic sensors.

They provide high-resolution images quickly and with less radiation exposure than conventional X-rays. Digital X-rays allow for enhanced diagnostic capabilities and easy storage and retrieval of patient records.

The practice has the latest digital X-ray system, which reduces radiation exposure by 80-90% compared to conventional film techniques. Images are available for immediate viewing, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your treatment plan.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a tiny, handheld device dentists use to capture detailed images inside the patient’s mouth. These cameras have tiny lenses and LED lights, providing clear visuals of teeth and gums.

Intraoral cameras help dentists explain treatment options to patients, detect issues early, and document the oral condition for records.

Our dental practice has digital Intraoral cameras to help view and educate your oral health. Intraoral cameras provide you with a close-up view of your oral health.

If necessary, you can capture high-quality colour photographs of your teeth, gums, and other mouth areas with the intraoral camera.

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nitrous gas gordon

Nitrous Gas

We provide laughing gas, also referred to as nitrous oxide sedation, to help ease any anxiety or nervousness you may experience during dental procedures.

This sweet-smelling, non-irritating, and colourless gas is administered through inhalation, providing a calming effect to make you more comfortable before and during your treatment.

The operational dynamics of happy gas encompass three distinct effects:

Happy gas serves as an effective agent in diminishing anxiety levels, particularly in dental settings. Its calming properties contribute to the alleviation of dental fears, creating a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for individuals undergoing procedures.

One of the core functionalities of happy gas lies in its ability to nullify pain. Acting as a painkiller ensures that dental procedures are virtually pain-free, enhancing the overall experience for patients and eliminating the discomfort typically associated with such treatments.

In addition to its anxiety-reducing and pain-killing attributes, happy gas induces a state of euphoria. This delightful effect imparts a sense of well-being, making the entire experience more pleasant. Patients can expect to feel a spectrum of positive emotions, contributing to a more positive perception of the dental process.


Laser dentistry involves using focused light beams (lasers) for various dental procedures.

Our practice is equipped with the latest soft tissue laser, which generates an adjustable beam of light to cut away or remove gum tissue, e.g. reshaping tissue in gummy smiles or overgrown gums.

Some of the significant benefits associated with laser dentistry:

  • Sutures (stitches) may not be necessary during soft tissue dental laser procedures.
  • Specific laser dentistry procedures do not require anaesthesia.
  • Laser dentistry reduces bleeding by utilising a high-energy light beam that assists in coagulating exposed blood vessels. This process effectively inhibits blood loss during dental procedures.
  • Bacterial infections are minimised because the high-energy beam sterilises the area being worked on.
  • Damage to surrounding tissue is minimised.
  • Tissues can regrow, and wounds heal more quickly.

Digital X-ray, Intraoral Camera, Nitrous Gas, Laser in Gordon

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Why are digital X-rays used in dentistry?

Digital X-rays provide detailed images of teeth and jaw structures for accurate diagnostics with reduced radiation exposure compared to traditional X-rays.

Is the use of an intraoral camera uncomfortable?

No, intraoral cameras are small, non-intrusive devices. They are designed to be easily manoeuvred within the mouth, providing patients with a comfortable and informative experience.

Is nitrous gas safe for children?

Yes, nitrous gas is considered safe for children when administered by trained dental professionals. It has a short duration of action, and its effects wear off quickly.

Is laser dentistry suitable for everyone?

Laser dentistry is generally suitable for many patients, but its suitability depends on the specific dental procedure and individual oral health conditions. A dentist will determine the best approach for each case.