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Dental Implants and Dentures Gordon

If your teeth are missing because of decay, gum disease, or injury, there are options to replace them.

This replacement can enhance your ability to chew, prevent your mouth from sagging, and often boost your confidence.

Dental implants and dentures are options your dentist can explore to help you restore your smile.

Dental Implants

Research has shown that missing teeth can lead to faster gum disease and tooth decay if the area is left open. Missing teeth may also disrupt the alignment of the other teeth.

Replacement of missing teeth is a vast and evolving area of dentistry. Many treatment options include dental implants, bridgework or dentures. Choosing which would be best depends on the number of teeth present, the quality of the jaw bone and neighbouring teeth.

Whilst bridges rely on the support of neighbouring teeth, dental implants have the benefit of fixing directly onto the jaw bone; other teeth remain untouched. The implanted tooth then closely resembles a natural tooth.

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Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Long-lasting durability
  • Improved eating capabilities
  • Enhanced speech
  • Enhanced overall function
  • Improved appearance, both aesthetically and in terms of self-esteem

Components of Dental Implants

The Body

This screw-like post serves as the root for your new teeth, providing a sturdy foundation.

The Abutment

This durable attachment supports and holds a tooth or a set of teeth securely in place.

The Crown

Usually crafted from materials like porcelain or zirconium, the crown adds strength and aesthetic appeal to the implant.
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Are Dental Implants Right for You?

In general, dental implants might be suitable if:

  • You have one or more missing teeth.
  • You are free from conditions that might hinder bone healing.
  • You are over 18 years old or have completed your growth.
  • You possess sufficient bone structure to support the implants.
  • Your gum health is well-maintained.
  • You prefer not to wear dentures or are unable to do so.
  • You are a non-smoker or have quit smoking.

Dental implants, which replace missing tooth roots, go through three stages


Initial Treatment Planning


Surgical Management (below gum level)


Prosthetic Replacement (above gum level)

The root section is made of titanium, biocompatible with bone and fuses with the jaw bone to provide a secure foundation for tooth replacement. The prosthetic stage resembles screwing a porcelain crown onto the titanium fixture. They look, feel and function like natural teeth.
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Dentures are artificial teeth worn by individuals who have lost their natural teeth due to injury or illness. People who have experienced tooth loss benefit functionally and aesthetically from well-crafted dentures.

High-quality dentures enable the wearer to enjoy a variety of foods, unlike missing teeth or poorly fitted dentures that can severely limit chewing ability.

Additionally, dentures support the lips and cheeks, enhancing the overall appearance and speech of individuals who have lost their natural teeth.

Types of Dentures

Conventional Dentures

Placed after the extraction of remaining teeth, these dentures are fitted once the tissues have fully healed, which may take several months.

Immediate Dentures

Designed for patients who prefer to have their teeth extracted and dentures installed on the same day.

Partial Dentures

Crafted to fill the gap left by missing teeth, these are removable, providing confidence for those with few missing teeth.
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Denture-Making Process

The typical denture-making process spans a few weeks and involves several appointments.

After your Gordon dentist determines the most suitable denture type for you, the steps include:

  • Creating moulds, impressions, and measurements of the jaw.
  • Developing models, wax forms, or plastic patterns to assess colour, shape, and fit before casting the final denture.
  • Casting the final denture, with adjustments made as necessary.

Dentures Cleaning and Care

Proper denture care prevents bone loss, bad breath, and inflammation.

Follow these steps:

Nightly, gently brush dentures with a soft denture brush to remove plaque. Wash removable dentures over a sink with a small washcloth as a cushion to avoid breakage if dropped.
Soak dentures in a denture-cleaning solution overnight. In the morning, brush them again and wear them throughout the day.
Optionally, soak dentures in a solution of white vinegar and water to remove or prevent calculus formation.

Dental Implants and Dentures in Gordon

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Which is better: dentures or dental implants?
Certain criteria, like lifestyle, preferences, and oral health, determine whether dental implants are better than dentures. Dental implants offer a more permanent and natural feel, providing stability and durability.

However, dentures might be a better choice for some people, depending on their unique requirements and situation. It’s best to consult a dentist to determine the most appropriate solution for each person.

Can you wear dentures and implants at the same time?
Yes, it is possible to wear dentures and implants simultaneously. This approach is known as an implant-supported denture.

Dental implants can provide added stability and support to the dentures, enhancing their functionality and comfort. Dentists can customise implants and dentures based on an individual’s oral health to meet their needs.